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Breaking Writer’s Block in Paris

What do an American physician, a German hausfrau, an Armenian priest, a Vietnamese nun, a Peruvian mother, a Philippine economist, and university students from Italy, Poland, Mexico and Ohio have in common? The answer is French lessons at the Alliance Fran├žaise. What else do they have in common? An atrocious French accent. We have been […]

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Deer Hunting: Mindfulness Without Maliciousness

This is for you pointy-headed urbanites. I could become a hunter. That said, I have yet to shoot anything. I saw precious few deer during daylight (aka legal hunting hours) on my recent hunting trip in the woods of Maine. But I did enjoy the experience and I look forward to more. A friend of […]

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When Is Old Age the Diagnosis?

My 92-year-old father continues to live alone in his apartment in Milwaukee. He has a devoted home care staff, an excellent on-call nursing staff and a team of doctors dealing with various chronic ailments. He soldiers on. Reading, his favorite entertainment, is limited by fatigue and macular changes. He wonders aloud at what people will […]

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