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Why Electronic Medical Records Are Not the Cure

I was leafing through the April 2014 edition of The Atlantic when I came across an interview with David Blumenthal by James Fallows on the subject of EMRs (electronic medical records). I perked up because here were two brilliant men (Jim is also a friend) discussing one of my pet peeves. Dr. David Blumenthal, a former […]

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Why Our Gap Year Is 15 Months Long

As the months roll by, it seems like our gap year is evaporating far too quickly. That is based on the premise that it is one year or 12 months in duration. Not so fast. On a visit with a friend during our recent stopover in London, she reassured us that the Brit version of […]

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Poverty in Africa Is Different

We have been back for a week. It has been a quiet return. I’ve been catching up on bills and creditors, recovering from jet lag and contracting (and then recovering) from gastroenteritis acquired here in the U.S. Debbie suffered a shorter bout in Uganda. The highlight of the week was a trip to Portland to […]

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Update on Toe Parasite: Debbie Has One Too!

Hold onto your hats! I have a toe parasite too. Discovered on arrival in the U.S. as I hobbled off our flight from London. I’ll spare you the photos as it’s pretty gross. Suffice it to say that this was one time it was truly advantageous to have Dr. Sam on hand. His first reaction, […]

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Not For the Squeamish: Update on Sam’s Toe Parasite

In response to multiple requests from loyal followers, I have prepared a detailed report on my episode of Tungiasis. Let the squeamish be forewarned. Tungiasis is an infestation caused by the female Chigoe flea. Male and female fleas feed on mammalian blood but when it’s time to reproduce the female burrows into the skin. Limited […]

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The Marvel of Bududa Learning Center

Let me make a few notes about the Bududa Learning Center and Bududa Vocational Academy. These are synthesized from the oral histories of several people. I cannot vouch for every veracity. My memory may not be perfect. Bududa District is one of the poorest in Uganda. Years ago the African Great Lakes Initiative started a vocational school […]

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First Impressions of Uganda

[Tapped out on my iPhone. Pls excuse errors. – SPH] How does one describe six days in the poorest district in Uganda? Surrounded by poverty; accompanied by indefatigable do-gooders; enveloped by heat and humidity; denied electricity and running water; surprised by the ignorance; stumped by the cultural and social differences; and without constant inter connectivity, […]

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