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Why Biden is too old to be my next President

Can responsible Democrats allow the nomination of an 82-year-old candidate? I say, no. One of the medical take-home lessons that a long-term physician absorbs regarding disease and death is that, like the fundamental principle of entropy, on average, the most likely thing is going to happen. People are going to age, weaken, and die. The […]

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I feared Long COVID and then I got it

{Update from Sam} When I went into the practice of gastroenterology and internal medicine 40 years ago, I was excited about being the new kid on the block. I was well trained in the most up-to-date treatments and endoscopic techniques. I was looking forward to a busy career. New techniques were on the horizon. I […]

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The Controversial Approval of Aducanumab: Beneficial Treatment or Grift?

{Update from Sam} Last week, I could hardly contain my frustration with the FDA’s inexplicable approval of a controversial medication for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Aducanumab, the new drug in question, is a monoclonal antibody engineered to attack the amyloid plaques in the brains of AD patients, the bio-plausible hypothesis being that removal of […]

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Was Dr. Birx correct about excess COVID deaths?

{Update from Sam} If you’ve been scratching your head about Dr. Birx’s math following the CNN Special about the COVID war inside Trump’s White House, you’re not alone. We already knew that the pandemic response was dysfunctional and that poor everything (messaging, coordination, testing, truth-telling, leadership, etc.) led to countless lost lives. But how many […]

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Alex Trebek’s Legacy: What Has It Taught Us?

{Update from Sam} On November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek, the long-time host of the unwaveringly popular game show Jeopardy, died of pancreatic cancer. It was twenty months and two days after his public announcement of the diagnosis of advanced (Stage IV) cancer and his “plan to beat it.” What have we learned? Well, my initial […]

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COVID Management Catastrophe: the End of an Error

Now that we have a new president-elect and can look forward to a new approach to the management of Covid-19, how will Joe Biden appeal to those citizens who see it as their constitutional right to intentionally disregard public health measures? A right they define as being able to assert their liberty and individuality. And, […]

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Listen to Debbie’s podcast!

{Update from Sam} If you are wondering where Debbie has been over the past few months while I’ve been pontificating here on the blog (don’t worry; I will continue to do so in the future), she has not crawled under a rock. In fact, she has been working hard on her podcast, The Gap Year […]

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