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Poetry and Shopping in Ellsworth on a Rainy Saturday

I am just back from several days in D.C. The contrast is painful. Down south, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the trees are bright spring green. Here in Stonington, warm weather is a long way off. Aside from patches of green grass and a few brave green shoots in our garden, there are no […]

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Here Comes the Sun

Just when you think you can’t stand more rain and fog on the coast of Maine, the sun comes out. It’s beautiful in the summer. It’s dazzling in winter. Here are a few photos from our walk yesterday along Sunshine Road on Deer Isle. The ice is starting to melt and you can see tidal heaving […]

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What You Can Do On a Rainy Winter Day

We woke up this morning to a vista of white and gray. Woolly fog. Melting snow. And the patter of rain. And more rain. I’m in a tiny town on the coast of Maine so there isn’t much to do today. There are no museums to wander in. No shopping or window gazing along technicolor […]

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Deer Hunting: Mindfulness Without Maliciousness

This is for you pointy-headed urbanites. I could become a hunter. That said, I have yet to shoot anything. I saw precious few deer during daylight (aka legal hunting hours) on my recent hunting trip in the woods of Maine. But I did enjoy the experience and I look forward to more. A friend of […]

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Toughening Up With a T-Shirt in Cold Weather

It is mid-October. I am sitting in my home office in Stonington. I’ve shooed Debbie out of my new space and she has her own office across the way. The indoor temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside temperature is 45. I am wearing a T-shirt (also correctly spelled tee shirt). If I were writing this […]

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The Advantage of Fewer Choices

I’m a little slow sometimes picking up on popular trends. I recently ran across the terms satisficer and maximizer and realized, to my dismay, that I am a full-on maximizer. It drives Sam crazy. Stick with me for a minute. There’s a reason I’m telling you this. The terms satisficer and maximizer were popularized almost a […]

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A fellow retiring physician: what are the odds?

It was one in a million. Debbie and I were furling the sail on my son-in-law’s 22-foot sailboat after a short sunset cruise in Stonington harbor. The fishermen were in for the day. The wind was dying down. The water was calm. We were exulting in a flawless trip. The outboard worked as designed. The knots […]

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Summer is over: what comes next?

It is Sunday, September 1st. It is early morning. The lobstermen are not fishing. The summer people have left. The fog is thick. The air is heavy. It is hours before the local church bells ring. The locally-ground 44 North Sumatra coffee is dripping. The quietude is total.   The pleasures of not commuting It […]

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On steering away from shore

The end of summer is approaching. Technically we have until September 22nd before the Autumnal Equinox. Practically speaking, on the coast of Maine summer ends in the middle of Labor Day weekend. The town is quiet. Eighty percent of the summer jerks [Ed. note: aka “people” but I let it go. – Debbie] are gone. By […]

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