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22 things for 2022

{Update from Debbie} Sorry about the radio silence from our end. We haven’t forgotten about you! 2021 has been a strange year. Endless in some ways. Timeless in others. Uncertain throughout. Sam and I both turned 70 this year, which seems like a milestone. (We are not renaming the blog.) I’ve been intrigued by, and a […]

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Twenty Things for 2020

Hello and Happy New Year, dear reader. And wishing you all the best in the year ahead. I scribbled this list of intentions and plans for 2020 randomly on a yellow pad. Then looked again and realized they fell out into categories. Health If you don’t have your health in this beyond midlife stage, then […]

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Sam’s Ups and Downs on Whole 30 and on Eliminating Toxins

If anyone says to you, “Hey, I’m on the Whole 30,” you should respond, “That sounds absolutely fascinating… but I really have to be going.” Then, run like hell. Debbie, in her endless quest to improve me, and frightened by my recent appreciation for elastic waistbands, challenged me to a second go-round with this “toxin […]

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A Daily Ritual: Walking to the Post Office

Who enjoys going to the post office, standing in line with a package and being told, “You have filled out the wrong label, start over and go back to the end of the line.” Who would like to recreate Debbie’s experience in the Georgetown D.C. post office. She opened a large business P.O. box (for about […]

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Debbie’s Three Words for 2014

I’ve procrastinated, painfully, on this blog post. Here’s what happened. For the past several years I have selected three words as guides for what I want to accomplish and how I want to change in the new year. It’s a way of setting goals that I stole from several well-known bloggers (see here and here if […]

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