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The Case for Medicare For All

My last blog post recounted how difficult it was to secure individual insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, despite the fact that the company had insured my medical practice for decades as part of a group plan. I concluded by pointing out that if this is the best these commercial enterprises can do, then market force […]

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Tearing Your Hair Out to Buy Medical Insurance

Just before the recent U.S. government shutdown, Obamacare’s website launched, then stuttered. Critics from the right pointed to this as evidence of government ineptitude and predicted further problems with signing up the masses for Obamacare. Defenders from the left claimed that unexpectedly high login rates are evidence of the need for broader health care […]

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40th Reunion Ruminations

Well sports fans, it has been a long time since I have written. Practical issues have crowded out Gap Year observations. It is now the end of the fourth month and time to reassess. A typical Gap day Trying to organize remains the greatest challenge, both on a daily basis and in terms of blocks […]

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Punishing sun and relentless regulations

The sun in Mountain View can be relentless. Although there were several overcast hours, the vast majority of the time the sky was a cloudless azure blue. The air was so dry I could feel the UV rays burning my skin. I have a college reunion coming up in ten days. One of my classmates […]

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A fellow retiring physician: what are the odds?

It was one in a million. Debbie and I were furling the sail on my son-in-law’s 22-foot sailboat after a short sunset cruise in Stonington harbor. The fishermen were in for the day. The wind was dying down. The water was calm. We were exulting in a flawless trip. The outboard worked as designed. The knots […]

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Bombast, swagger and lobster boats

It’s 0530h. West Penobscot Bay is throbbing with the sound of diesel motors, thousands of horsepower under the decks of hundreds of lobster boats. The sun has been up for twenty minutes. By now, many of the lobstermen have been hauling traps for two hours. I have an appointment to take the gasman to the […]

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Gap Year metrics: how to fit it all in

Andy*, this one is for you, but you have to read to the end to get the rant. It has been about two weeks since I returned to Maine from visiting my father in Milwaukee. This is peak summer vacation time and, indeed, that is what I have used it for. A Gap Year principle […]

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