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2015: Making Space and Doing Less

A neighbor was poking around her vegetable garden recently. Not a noteworthy event except that her garden was covered with a good six inches of snow. It was a brilliantly sunny day and the snow glistened fiercely. I called out to ask what she was doing. “Oh,” she exclaimed. “I’m looking for animal tracks. There are […]

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Incremental Change: Debbie’s Gap Year Wrap-Up

Sam had his say, reflecting back on our Gap Year. It is always a pleasant surprise to learn more about what he is thinking. Now it’s my turn. My thoughts are not as organized or logical. I picture tidy file cabinets inside Sam’s brain, clearly labeled “Africa,” “France,” “Hunting,” “Lemurs,” “The Last Ferryman,” etc. Not so […]

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Onward: Sam’s Gap Year Wrap-Up

Today is the last official day of our 15-month (courtesy of our British friends) Gap Year. The time for the wrap-up has arrived. What did I learn? What can I pass on? Let me begin with a quick summary. Having left a progressively dysfunctional healthcare system, a key issue was how would my sense of […]

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A Mustache With Its Own Zip Code

I shaved off my mustache yesterday. I am pleased to note that I recognized the newly familiar face in the mirror. Eight weeks to grow – and gone in a few moments. I grew it for the show, The Last Ferryman. I had hoped it would help me to channel my character B. Lake Noyes, […]

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The Letdown and the Lessons: Sam’s Time on the Stage

It is the morning after the last matinee of The Last Ferryman. No rehearsals, no performances, no house guests, no family and no other structure are complicating my day. What an experience it was. Eight sold-out performances and eight standing ovations after six weeks of rehearsals and performances. I am ending my revivified theatrical career […]

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Why Our Gap Year Blog Has Been Quiet This Month

Why have we stopped writing? There are several reasons. None of them particularly persuasive. As the guiding editorial force behind the blog, I fell down on the job. More about that tomorrow. As for Sam, he has been busy, well, growing a luxuriant mustache for his part in The Last Ferryman at the Stonington Opera House. He […]

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Sam’s Theatrical Comeback at the Stonington Opera House

I am making my musical theater comeback. Having last been on stage in 1972 (I had a role in Senator Al Franken’s original college production of *Nixon), I have accepted the role of Doctor B. (for Benjamin) Lake Noyes in the world premiere production of The Last Ferryman at the Stonington Opera House. As a board member, Debbie […]

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