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Why Our Gap Year Blog Has Been Quiet This Month

Why have we stopped writing? There are several reasons. None of them particularly persuasive. As the guiding editorial force behind the blog, I fell down on the job. More about that tomorrow. As for Sam, he has been busy, well, growing a luxuriant mustache for his part in The Last Ferryman at the Stonington Opera House. He […]

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Sam’s Theatrical Comeback at the Stonington Opera House

I am making my musical theater comeback. Having last been on stage in 1972 (I had a role in Senator Al Franken’s original college production of *Nixon), I have accepted the role of Doctor B. (for Benjamin) Lake Noyes in the world premiere production of The Last Ferryman at the Stonington Opera House. As a board member, Debbie […]

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Sam’s 45th High School Reunion

It is dawn after my high school reunion at Milton Academy, just south of Boston. I’m waiting for the taxi, then a long bus ride home to Maine. My classmates are dispersing soon. I am anxious to get north and start the summer, indeed to start the next phase. This past five weeks in limbo, in D.C., […]

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What It’s Like To Be My Husband’s Editor

When Sam and I decided to write a blog together, we spent about five minutes on the logistics of how it would work. It was clear we would both write. It was also clear that I would be the “editor” as well as the tech person responsible for posting new entries. So far it has […]

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40th Reunion Ruminations

Well sports fans, it has been a long time since I have written. Practical issues have crowded out Gap Year observations. It is now the end of the fourth month and time to reassess. A typical Gap day Trying to organize remains the greatest challenge, both on a daily basis and in terms of blocks […]

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For now, you can call me Plain Mr. Harrington (S.)

It has been three weeks since I stepped into the void. Taking that step means I gave up one of the most responsible jobs in the workforce, making decisions for patients that had life or death consequences. Did I expect that change to make me feel small, reduced, insignificant? I think I did, and for a […]

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