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When Depression Creeps in Like the Fog

The stigma around depression is stubbornly pervasive. No matter that depression affects 350 million people worldwide. Chances are that someone in your office or your circle of friends or even your immediate family suffers from depression – and you don’t know about it. Most likely, they suffer in silence. I am one of those. I was […]

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12 Months Later: Debbie’s Biggest Takeaway

Loyal readers know that I was relieved to make the discovery that a gap year, according to the British definition, is 15 months long. We’re at the end of the twelfth month. That means we’ve got a few more months to close out a year of reinvention. So what have I learned? What is the […]

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What About the Money? More on Downsizing and Leaving D.C.

We had the same conversation over and over before embarking on our gap year. “What about the money?” Sam would ask. The question was simple. The subtext was not. The topic, of course, was Sam leaving his medical practice. The subtext was how could we afford to live without his salary. And the bigger implications: […]

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Downsizing and Leaving D.C.

The greatest stressors in life are disease, death, divorce and déménagement. Debbie and I are in the midst of the latter and although it may be the least important, still… We are spending a month in Washington to enjoy our last foreseeable spring in Georgetown, a gloriously gardened and architecturally resplendent enclave. Spring is beautiful […]

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Sam’s Three Words for 2014

We are at the midpoint of our Gap Year. Debbie has advised me to look ahead to 2014 using “three words.” I think she wants them to be inspirational. She wants me to reflect on the year thus far. After seven months of Gap Year indulgences, I am ready to give it a try. I understand […]

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When Is Old Age the Diagnosis?

My 92-year-old father continues to live alone in his apartment in Milwaukee. He has a devoted home care staff, an excellent on-call nursing staff and a team of doctors dealing with various chronic ailments. He soldiers on. Reading, his favorite entertainment, is limited by fatigue and macular changes. He wonders aloud at what people will […]

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Taking a Gap Year Pulse at Five Months

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged in touchy feely mode. Here is a peek into my mental state five months into my Gap Year. It is time to say goodbye to summer, not because the weather has turned (in fact, we’ve enjoyed a string of brilliantly sunny days) but because it could freeze at […]

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Carpe Diem: Remembering the Genesis of Our Gap Year

The genesis of our gap year goes back 15 years. Sam and I were having lunch in a restaurant in Washington DC near the big, rambling house in which we raised our three children. It was a Saturday afternoon in April 1998. We were talking vaguely about what our future might look like and whether […]

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