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{Update from Sam} If you are wondering where Debbie has been over the past few months while I’ve been pontificating here on the blog (don’t worry; I will continue to do so in the future), she has not crawled under a rock. In fact, she has been working hard on her podcast, The Gap Year Podcast.

She launched the podcast almost two years ago, calling it Gap Year For Grown-Ups. But it has morphed over the course of two seasons into a broader concept: the collective gap year we are all living through right now because of COVID.

The episodes are short, generally less than 30 minutes, which works for me.  She interviews interesting individuals, experts, and authors (including yours truly), on topics ranging from aging and health in the time of COVID to the challenge of  reinventing yourself at midlife.

Here are some recent episodes

Debbie & Sam on the Gap Year For Everyone, Silver Linings, Not Should’ing & Season 3

The View From London: Alyson Hoggart on Coping With COVID and Speeding Up Relationships

Silicon Valley Legend Guy Kawasaki Gets Serious About His “Better” Normal and How History Will Remember 2020

Blanche Colson on Being an Ordinary Person and Getting Comfortable With Death

Maine State Rep. Genevieve McDonald on Stepping Into the Role of Fierce Female Leader During a Pandemic

And Episode 1; still one of the most popular: Why Gap Years Are Not Wasted on the Young: interview with Debbie’s Dad and with our three children

You can scroll through all 42 episodes here.

Please review the podcast on iTunes

If you want to help make the podcast a continuing success, please consider leaving a review on iTunes. You have to be a subscriber via iTunes to do that. Then it’s a simple matter of scrolling to the bottom of the podcast app on your phone and clicking on “leave a review.”

State Rep. Genevieve McDonald & her twins

Debbie is looking for a sponsor for The Gap Year Podcast

The podcast is really getting traction and Debbie is looking for a sponsor. If you, or a company or organization you know, are interested in reaching an audience of smart and thoughtful midlife listeners, contact Debbie.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about COVID tests

And if you have a story about getting a COVID test, please contact me!



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