Reinvent Yourself. Get a Truck. Write a Book.

Sam's red truckJumping in with an update so you don’t think we’ve gotten lost. Here’s the back-of-the-envelope: Sam bought a 10-year-old Chevy pickup truck. It’s red. It looks shiny and new. I think it represents his final conversion to island man. He’s got some practical reason about how it will be easier to get fixed than his Mini Cooper. Pretty sure it’s a guy thing. He’ll tell you more later.

Sam’s literary agent is shopping his book proposal with publishers in New York and they are getting a glimmer of interest. More on that when he’s got something specific to report. Fingers crossed.

As for me, I’m diving deeper into the talk I am writing on Reinvention. It’s more than a recap of our gap year. I’m weaving together the act of writing – and writing a book – into the reinvention process. The speech, which I am writing as an 18-minute TED-style talk, will lead to a short book. I’m on version five of the talk so you’ll pardon me if I’m a little crazed right now.

For most of us, writing is not an easy or linear process. That’s why I am rewriting my talk a dozen times. That’s also why I wrote a companion guide to my talk. It’s loaded with specific tips on how to start, how to break through blocks and how to finish a writing project. And in case you’re wondering, my own wrestling with words makes me a better book coach.


Click the cover to download my new guide!

Here is your very own copy of Get Your Book Done Now and Reinvent Yourself in the Process. It’s a PDF ebook with a cool design: colors, fonts, images. Click here to download.

Take a quick look and then email to let me know if this little guide answers any questions for you about the writing process. What obstacles are you encountering?

And don’t tell me you’ve never thought about writing a book because I won’t believe you! Did you know that an oft-quoted study says 81 percent of Americans say they have a book idea in their heads?

Your homework

Take 5 seconds right now and download the guide. Open and skim it. What resonates with you? I’d love to hear.

More about writing and books

If you’re interested in writing a book (or an essay or a blog) and want more tips on defeating procrastination and other obstacles, sign up here.


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