September Light in Stonington

September_lightIt’s our second September here in Stonington. This month is a lovely secret, one of many about living on midcoast Maine. The first thing of note is the abrupt exodus of the summer people right before Labor Day. That includes members of my family who make their trek back to D.C. My initial reaction is to feel left behind. Although they contribute to a bit of family drama from time to time, I am still sorry to see them go. The end of summer is bittersweet.

The second thing is the remarkable change in the weather. The sun has moved slightly lower on the horizon, creating a fierce glare on the water. The sky is a crystalline blue. The air is dryer and clearer. And the temperatures, so far, get up to the 70s during the day, then plunge to the 50s at night with a rush of Arctic air. There are still tourists wandering the streets of Stonington. They tend to be older couples with cameras and sturdy walking shoes. But mostly there is the sense that we have Deer Isle back to ourselves. Oh, and the flowers are still in bloom.

When I say “ourselves” I need to explain. In Maine there are distinct gradations of residents: summer people, extended summer people, almost year-rounders, year-rounders… and locals. We will always be “from away.” I’ve put us in the “almost year-rounders” category because we (or maybe I should say “I;” Sam is not as committed to this as I am) are planning to live elsewhere for several months. First up is Brooklyn, NY for the month of October.

In the meantime, I am heading down to D.C. later this week and looking forward to the busy streets of Georgetown. I’ll get my overgrown hair trimmed by my favorite guy, check on our house, meet with our real estate agents, take a couple of yoga classes, eat at a few of my favorite haunts (Martins Tavern and 2 Amys), and see some friends.

Then I’ll scurry back up the East Coast to savor the remaining September days and nights on the coast of Maine.

Photo: taken with my iPhone and only slightly enhanced, promise. This is not our house but it’s on our road and is a favorite of painters like Joy Hoy.


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