Twenty Things for 2020

Hello and Happy New Year, dear reader. And wishing you all the best in the year ahead. I scribbled this list of intentions and plans for 2020 randomly on a yellow pad. Then looked again and realized they fell out into categories.


If you don’t have your health in this beyond midlife stage, then you don’t have anything. Staying healthy is the key: mentally, emotionally and physically. These are my intentions:


Creative Work


  • take our children and grandchildren on a special trip to Club Med Cancun in March!
  • visit more with my parents (turning 89)


And finally

This one’s important. I write it out everyday… working on it.

  • listen more generously and patiently… to everyone, especially Sam

Your feedback

  • As always, if you have feedback or additions or suggestions for this list (or the blog in general!), don’t hesitate to offer them. Leave a comment or click here.



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