Why Our Gap Year Blog Has Been Quiet This Month

Sam_mustacheWhy have we stopped writing? There are several reasons. None of them particularly persuasive. As the guiding editorial force behind the blog, I fell down on the job. More about that tomorrow.

As for Sam, he has been busy, well, growing a luxuriant mustache for his part in The Last Ferryman at the Stonington Opera House. He was rehearsing or in performances for the past five weeks.

The production, with lyrics and music by the brilliant Grammy-winning Paul Sullivan, has been wildly successful. It has sold out every night. Listen to this clip (you can read as well) on Maine PBN. You will be hearing more about mustaches and the theatrical experience from Sam.

So hold onto your hats. You will be getting a flurry of posts this week as we hit Sept. 1st, the official end of our 15-month Gap Year.

The blog will continue. Our reinvention will continue. But don’t let me give any more away. Stay tuned.

Photo above: Sam with a few of his many stage admirers: nieces Lucy, Samantha and Phoebe (L to R), and far right, nephew Stearns.

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