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Breaking Writer’s Block in Paris

What do an American physician, a German hausfrau, an Armenian priest, a Vietnamese nun, a Peruvian mother, a Philippine economist, and university students from Italy, Poland, Mexico and Ohio have in common? The answer is French lessons at the Alliance Française. What else do they have in common? An atrocious French accent. We have been […]

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Deer Hunting: Mindfulness Without Maliciousness

This is for you pointy-headed urbanites. I could become a hunter. That said, I have yet to shoot anything. I saw precious few deer during daylight (aka legal hunting hours) on my recent hunting trip in the woods of Maine. But I did enjoy the experience and I look forward to more. A friend of […]

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When Is Old Age the Diagnosis?

My 92-year-old father continues to live alone in his apartment in Milwaukee. He has a devoted home care staff, an excellent on-call nursing staff and a team of doctors dealing with various chronic ailments. He soldiers on. Reading, his favorite entertainment, is limited by fatigue and macular changes. He wonders aloud at what people will […]

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