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Poetry and Shopping in Ellsworth on a Rainy Saturday

I am just back from several days in D.C. The contrast is painful. Down south, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the trees are bright spring green. Here in Stonington, warm weather is a long way off. Aside from patches of green grass and a few brave green shoots in our garden, there are no […]

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A Daily Ritual: Walking to the Post Office

Who enjoys going to the post office, standing in line with a package and being told, “You have filled out the wrong label, start over and go back to the end of the line.” Who would like to recreate Debbie’s experience in the Georgetown D.C. post office. She opened a large business P.O. box (for about […]

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The Idiot’s Guide to Medicare Reimbursement

As you can imagine, I have been quite interested in reports on the subject of very large Medicare payments to a tiny number of physicians. According to the New York Times, just two percent of physicians received one quarter of Medicare payments in 2012. The recently released Medicare data is long overdue information useful to […]

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