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Unethical Doctors and the Business of Medicine

A recent article in the New York Times brought back memories of unethical behavior in my former medical community and made me infuriated about the current practices of “medicine as a business.” The article, After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know by Elizabeth Rosenthal, tells the story of Peter Drier, his cervical disc surgery […]

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September Light in Stonington

It’s our second September here in Stonington. This month is a lovely secret, one of many about living on midcoast Maine. The first thing of note is the abrupt exodus of the summer people right before Labor Day. That includes members of my family who make their trek back to D.C. My initial reaction is to […]

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Incremental Change: Debbie’s Gap Year Wrap-Up

Sam had his say, reflecting back on our Gap Year. It is always a pleasant surprise to learn more about what he is thinking. Now it’s my turn. My thoughts are not as organized or logical. I picture tidy file cabinets inside Sam’s brain, clearly labeled “Africa,” “France,” “Hunting,” “Lemurs,” “The Last Ferryman,” etc. Not so […]

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