Q. & A. with Debbie and Sam on “collaboration”

GapYear_June2013_croppedDebbie: Is this really our first collaboration? What about our three children?

Sam: That was different.

Debbie: You’re right; it was.

Sam: This is doing creative work together.

Debbie: And you don’t mind me being your editor? It’s not that easy.

Sam: You mean because of our different approach to quotation marks and periods and spaces at the end of sentences?

Debbie: No, because sometimes I don’t love every word that you write. Your prose is generally very, very good. But sometimes you are a little repetitive and not entirely clear.

Sam: What?!!

Debbie: OK, never mind. I shouldn’t have said that. You are an amazing and prolific first-time blogger. I only want to encourage you.

Sam: That sounds better.

Debbie: I take this blog very seriously, you know.

Sam: I do too.

Debbie: I have high standards.

Sam: I’ve noticed.

Debbie: I’m not entirely sure where the blog is going but I think it’s important to articulate what we’re experiencing.

Sam: How honest do you think we should be about how we’re really feeling one month into our Gap Year?

Debbie: Giggle.

Sam: Seriously, how much should we reveal?

Debbie: Well, as the resident blogging expert I would advise us to be authentic… but not to reveal everything. I don’t want people to know how discombobulated I feel, for example.

Sam: That will probably pass when we have established a better routine.

Debbie: But isn’t that the point? That we’re breaking out of our familiar routines?

Sam: Yes and no. Once we’re properly unpacked and settled on the coast of Maine we’ll feel better.

Debbie: What if I miss DC?

Sam: I don’t miss DC.

Debbie: I do sometimes. All this traveling (back and forth between DC and Stonington, ME; to Portland, OR for the World Domination Summit) makes me unsettled. I’ve been talking for years about how cool it is that my work is “location independent.” But so far I haven’t adjusted to a nomadic lifestyle.

Sam: Give it time. Imagine how I feel giving up my daily routine with patients at the office and the hospital.

Debbie: I worry about that a lot. Sometimes I think I’m worrying for you; that you might miss it too much.

Sam: OK, enough with the touchy feely.

Debbie: Yes, and… 

Written 33,000 feet up on Alaska Air #35 bound for Portland, OR.

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